Saturday, 28 January 2012

Details in Mother 3's background

I thought I'd add a few things I've noticed while going through the Mother 3 maps. I'm sure a lot of these have been pointed out, but I felt like posting them all in once place. (These images were ripped from the maps themselves, so sorry if the resized pictures make it hard to see some things.)

Sheriff's Office next to a teepee. It gets destroyed during the time skip. I'm pretty sure this is an allusion to cowboys and Indians. Also, there is a poster for The Who on the fence if I recall correctly.

 There's a lot of detail in this room. Was it even used for anything?

There's a carved Golem in this guys house.


The dragons responsible for the destruction or recreation of the world are actually in the church. It appears similar to a yin-yang.

The thing on the Chimera Lab building was always pretty disturbing to me. It looks like it could a Freudian metaphor. I'm sure that says more about me than it does the videogame. I wonder if it was intentional.

Club Titiboo looks like Dalaam from Mother 2/Earthbound. They even have elephant statues. Dalaam also had a lot of ropes as opposed to ladders, and the Ropeway is the only way to access this place.

The Snowmen in this area resemble the ones found in Magicant in Mother 2/Earthbound. 

 This is possibly the ship mentioned in Leder's speech. The White Ship that arrived at Nowhere Islands.

And here's another depiction of the dragons in New Pork City.

This room is seen near the end of the game. I'd just like to point out that there is a Phase Distorter and Porkey's Machine. Both are time traveling devices of sorts. I'll leave it up to someone else to start wild mass guessing! It may not have been such a bad ending after all.

 Here's a few similarities in Porkey's toy room I noticed, but I'm pretty sure they are just coincidences and unintentional. There's a tin robot in Porky's room that resembles robot Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo. They were just generic tin toy robot lookalikes in the first place though. There's a UFO that could be a Skyrunner toy. The teddybears, sarcophagus, and jukebox are blatantly from Mother 2 however. Also the bike. There's what appears to be a Gamecube next to the Jukebox.

And most importantly, Porkey seems to have stolen Homer Simpson's car.

Probably another coincidense, it doesn't even look like a sedan. But how many pink cars do you see? Unless it's that pink car from Thunderbirds...I'm just going to leave this one alone for awhile.

 Mentioned in another post that this looks like the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks lore.

Oh yeah, Hinawa's grave says MILF.

I absolutely love the attention to detail Mother 3 has. I'm almost glad it was delayed and put on the Gameboy Advance. There's something about N64 graphics that look so bizarre that an Earthbound game would have fit there. Oh well, I'd rather a more polished detail filled game that looks amazing.

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