Friday, 20 January 2012

A quick correction.

Thanks to Evan, who commented in my last post, I realized that hthe Club TitiBoo song and Honkey Tonk aren't actually the same song. Although, they sound similar.

Hey, there. I totally appreciate what you're doing, but you do realize that in the the song you mentioned as the derivative for KK Blues and Club Titiboo is completely different than these two game tunes. While it is true that they feature strikingly similar rhythm sections, they don't feature the same lead melody whatsoever. I've been immersed with blues/jazz at college due to my major, and what you're hearing is the standard 12-Bar-Blues form of most blues/jazz standards. You see, most blues compositions don't derive from this progression of chords, and there's a whole history behind that that I won't go into... Listening to all three pieces, I could see why you would think they're the same, but in blues, the progression stays the same, while the key and melody changes. So, in reality, Club Titiboo is a much more legal-friendly, and also original, song than most of Keiichi Suzuki's work on MOTHER 2 that featured direct movements from other pieces of music.

Thanks. From now on anything I post will just be labeled as a similarity, as opposed to an actual use of the song. Although, I think this was the only song that I believed to be the same.  I'm glad you corrected me, as I have no actual knowledge of music theory. I will be the first to say some of these connections require a lot of tinfoil hat, and maybe are best thought of as comparisons.

I'm glad people are interested in this!

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