Saturday, 21 January 2012

Micheal Jackson and Mother 3.

The music from Mother 3's Forest Sanctuary sounds like the refrain of The Lady in My Life, by Micheal Jackson. Mother 3 has themes of balance and duality. The struggle between nature and technology, which is echoed in the nature of the dragons. The Forest Sanctuary isn't used, from what I remember of the game. You enter your name, and save. However, it's one of the few areas of the game that has a picture of the dragons. The black and white dragons look pretty similar to the yin-yang, which of course represents the nature of duality. What better music to use, than a Micheal Jackson sample? He had both white and black skin colour. He looked androgynous, and tried to appear younger the older he became.

The song similarity be intentional, as many people have pointed out that Natural Killer Cyborg sounds like Beat It. I think I am over-analyzing the rest of it, but I think it's oddly fitting even if it's just a  coincidence. 

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